Translated by Christina Holm Nielsen

I met my wife Nina on “Midtsjaellands ungdomsskole” where I attended 10th grade in 1985/86. Though it was not until 1989 that we started dating, and in 1992 we were married.

In spite of my testicular cancer, it has been possible for me to have children. In 1995 our first daughter Line was born. A healthy and happy girl. Cecilie, our second daughter, was born in 1997 and also she is a healthy and happy girl.

The picture to the right is from Christmas 2001.


Here is a picture of my girls, taken in our new enclosed patio. As you can see it is pretty limited what one can see of the patio and Nina.

Believe it or not, even though I am able to manipulate photos, this picture is for real. But then what is the reason that Nina is lacking some volume? Well you see, she has simply followed the weight-consultants program, and through the last 8 months she has lost 16 kilos.

I am of course very proud of her, not only has she been there to encourage and nurse me when I needed it, she has also been able to stick to a diet. A diet that meant that we, more or less, had to cook two different meals each night. Not a problem when I am able to lend a hand in the kitchen, but it has been far from every day that I have been able to do so.

Even though I am very happy with the ekstra bedspace Nina’s weight loss has given, I constantly try to lure her into eating, with one delicious dish after the other. I mean, I don’t want her to disappear altogether!

We have been taking our kids to swimming lessons ever since they were very small. Something we can definately recommend other parents to do, this way the kids develop a natural feel with water.

Line could swim on her own in the summer of 2000, and has  become a very stabile swimmer. Cecilie cannot swim yet, but is very comfortable in the water, and loves when we take her swimming.
The picture to the right is from Line`s 100m diploma swimming 2002.

We have also taken our children to gymnastics ever since they could walk. This way the parents also get a little exercise! Luckily they have reached an age where the parents are no longer allowed to come. So now we leave it up to the little ones to break a sweat.

The picture to the left is from Cecilie 50m diploma swimming 2003.