UPDATED 2004.02.08

At the moment its looking good for my family and me. In the last 4 month I have bee treat with the
chemotherapy drugs Temodal. After I had started with Temodal my cancer is getting smaller and I am painless. I work for a period of tree weeks and one week of treatment.

In February 2004.09.02 I having a CT-scanning  to observes the cancer. I am filling good and healthy and believe that I am going to be cure. At the moment I feel cured.
In February we also going to Lalandia on vacation  for a couple of days. (you can see abort Lalandia on www.lalandia.dk 
and photos  from our Lalandia holydays in 2002 and 2003 on http://www.monil.dk/Lalandia/lalandiastart.htm 

Last autumn my family and I went to Majorca on holiday where we had a great week. You can see some pictures from our autumn holiday on 
Photos Majorca 


Friday d.15.08.03 I had a heart examination, to find out if my heat rate had been damaged by the chemotherapy drugs (Adriamycin).

Monday d.18.08.03; the plan was to give me the last treatment off Adiamycin, but since my heatrate had been damaged by the chemotherapy drugs Adriamycin, it was decided that I try another form of chemotherapy treatment.(Temodal)

Before I start up the new chemotherapy treatment I must have a CT-scan and then I can go on with the new chemotherapy treatment.

A Spanish oenological  doctor has tried the drugs (Temodal) on patients with testicular cancer. Originally the drug was used to treat brain cancer.


Even though I am far from being well, and my pathological picture looks worse than ever, I still believe that I will get well. Okay; it may take a little longer than I have estimated, and I must also be prepared for much more pain now that I am not being treated. I start the new treatment on Sep. 1st. But I will stand up against the cancer and beat it. I refuse to give up. Life is too beautiful.


Tuesday 2003.08.05 I had the great and happy experience of following our youngest daughter Cecilie to her first day of school. One of many small goals I have looked forward to through the last couple of years.